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What We Do

At Lyceum Partners, we:

  • Deliver practical, sales-focused solutions, turning innovative technologies into branded products
  • Connect academic institutions with a world-wide incubator community and key financial groups
  • Provide operational efficiency and senior level leadership focused on gaining traction in the U.S. and/or international marketplace
  • Develop actionable plans that deliver optimal sales and partnership targets
  • Open doors to a network of strategic financial relationships, capital sources, operational support and other development resources

Our Industry Focus

Lyceum Partners focuses its sales, commercialization and licensing efforts on those sectors where we have senior level expertise, a solid track record, and  demonstrated success, including

  • Homeland Security, with specific emphasis on authentication, verification, and identity areas
  • Health and Food Safety, including functional foods and bio-risk
  • Renewable Energy, offering improved environmental and management service