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Welcome to Lyceum Partners

by admin on February 8th, 2010

Dear Friend:

The greatest challenge a company, particularly a start-up, is faced with is transitioning its technology into a product that solves a clients specific problem.

The second is securing and holding on to market share particularly when ones markets have become global.

We hope to help academic institutions and companies successfully  conquer both challenges and with that would like to introduce Lyceum Partners.

Here our focus is on bringing IP created from academic institutions around the world to the America’s either through a licensing, retainer, or sales partnership effort.

Our service emphasis is on:

** Winning the demonstrative first sale via a growing network of integrators, channel partners, and private industry targets,

** Insuring operational efficiency in terms of “c” level staff, as well as the value based transition from technology to product,

** Creating a solid sales funnel and then,

** Raising the “right” funds, based on our ability to virtually insure the likely hood of market success and long-term value.

Our goal is to bring new ideas to life, with simple straight forward business plans that meet easily understood focus and criteria.  

We hope to hear about your ideas soon.

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