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Academic Institutions

One of the greatest challenges an academic institution has is taking its breakout research – that “ground-breaking” study – and translating its  findings for the commercial world.

Lyceum Partners will find the potential client, but perhaps more  importantly, help that client succeed through strategic project management, building direct sales, as well as channel outlets and the potential direct licensing of the product itself.

A critical first step is to look at the innovation as a product that helps the institution demonstrate true business value and establish market  opportunity.

We then work with the institution to provide:

  • The commercial outlet – either via license, or an end-user client who will take the product to market
  • Business leadership and project management.  At Lyceum Partners, we ensure the produce evolves in a way that creates real impact, with significant royalty based rewards
  • Deep and long lasting relationships within the financial and business community

Lyceum is your bridge, from academia to commercial market success.